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Terms and Conditions

  1. Packages and terms can get change without any prior notification. And will be applicable immediately for all the bookings.
  2. Our dates are at first book first get basis and do not offer any tentative locking of dates. Without advance transfer, donot consider the booking as done.
  3. 50% advance would be required to confirm the booking. This advance is nonrefundable and not transferable to any other couple. If event gets shifted to new dates, 50% advance will be charged to shift the dates. Only if the shift is due to pandemic, law and order situation or any global catestrophic situation then extra 50% advance won't be charged again. For all other reasons at your end for shifting the dates, again 50% will be charged everytime for changning the dates.
  4. 50% will be charged at first event day. Payment break down is a must follow for every client and is same for every client. If client disagrees with this breakdown, we request not to proceed with the booking.
  5. If after the booking of more than one day, client decides to decrease the number of days of their wedding, the advanced for dropped day will not be refunded/adjusted in payments or services. And new package according to number of days will be applied instead of old package given for a greater number of days. If pandemic restrictions get into effect and the wedding gets shifted to smaller scale, our package will not get change neither initial decided package/charges/services. As no matter we are clicking in home or in marquee, photographer, equipment, album everything remains the same and costs the same to us. So, no changes in charges in any case. Rs. 30,000 per day charges of out station will be applied extra for out stationed events.
  1. After the event and getting all the pictures, in the next step couple will select the pictures to be printed in album and give us their selection in 7 to 10 days. From selection receiving date, 30-45 working days are taken to make albums/videos. Handing over pictures or any post process work time period may get change due following reasons:
    • If the selection of pictures for printing from client gets delayed from 10-15 days of time period.
    • Any unforeseen circumstances occur as catastrophic, law and order, local, national, international or any other general issue which will be affecting the businesses. Post processing will start once all the booked events gets done, payments get clear and selection gets received.
  1. From start till end, the person who comes to hire us or initiated the chat, is the person with whom we will be coordinating things till the end.
  2. One hour is required to do the photoshoot. If provided less than that by the client, quality may affect and we won't be responsible for that. If you have hired any other photographers or invited your friend/family photographers for your photoshoot, make sure they shouldn't be given the same time of photoshoot which we gave you. It should only be our teams shooting the photoshoot. Time given for photoshoot should be followed strictly and bride should strictly ask the makeup persons to do her makeup in time so she could reach for photoshoot in time. Delayed from photoshoot time may affect the quality of outdoor photoshoots for which we won’t be held responsible. Photoshoots cannot be shifted to any other date otherwise will be charged as a full photoshoot.
  3. We photoshop pictures to a very less extent or no editing if everything looks good then there is no reason to photoshop the pictures. We edit the pictures them look good in album by balancing light/contrast etc. according to the printer. If bride skin requires any retouching, then photoshoot pictures get retouched for her skin. Please note we donot photoshop any family members not present in the group. We donot fix any malfunction of dress due to designer or the wearing style of birde, so we highly encourage to keep any female person with you at the photoshoot who can help the bride fixing the dress if required. We donot fix the makeup issues created by the makeup artists or the melting, washing of makeup by any means. We donot slim down body or any body part or vice versa.
  4. Please note the colors of dresses/makeup may or may not get a bit change in camera/laptop/mobile/albums (94% - 99% color accuracy). For technical details you can google "why colors in camera and laptop and printing differs from each other". Changes in editing of pictures will be done just once. Photo editing is only done to an extent to keep things natural. Cloning people or background changes or removing people from the background won’t be done. Pictures selection for albums should be submitted within 15 days after handing over high resolution pictures after last event date.
  5. Changes in editing of videos will be done just once. Changes in video should be submitted within 15 days of video handing over. After 15 days, changes request won’t be catered. It's better to submit the list of songs along with pictures submission so the video gets edited exactly as per your taste.
  6. Data will be provided in one set of usbs. Any extra set of usbs required by the client, will be charged.
  7. Couple photoshoots are done before the events and not after the events. And we donot take pictures during the Food is served. We donot cover after wedding rasams at home. For sehra bandi, or any rasams done anywhere other than event location, they will be charged and details are given in add on section.
  8. After handing over project, all data will be deleted from our end. So, keep your copies of data safe or make multiple copies to make sure data remains safe.
  9. CLIENT agrees to indemnify and hold harmless photographer/videographer/editor for any liability, damage, or loss related to technological failure, including data loss. Data loss is technical failure which is beyond anyone's control. No refund will be liable.
  10. Zero tolerance for misbehavior of any relative or guest with our staff at event or photoshoot or at studio. If any of your guests/client/family member misbehaves with any of our team members, we have the right to leave the event without any repercussions and no charges or data will be handed over.
  11. We highly recommend for couple to meet us before hiring and check our complete portfolio, way of covering the events etc. We won’t be liable for any mishap/ confusion /misunderstanding caused at your end which affect the quality of work or deadline.

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